New Must Play Android Games For November 2015



The Play Store describes Prune as “a love letter to trees.” It is an award-winning puzzle game. Earlier this year it was released for iOS, and now it is available in the Play Store, so you really should check it out.

The Prune gameplay involves cultivating trees. As your tree starts to grow, you must trim its branches carefully to ensure that it reaches its fullest height. The branches flower when they hit the sun, and once a specific number of them have flowered, that means you have beat that level. As you continue to progress, the number of objects standing in your way of succeeding grow also.

Prune is one of those rare Android games. It is meditative and minimalist, yet somehow idea for a mobile platform. For this month it is definitely our top pick. This is an incredible piece of work, aurally, visually and conceptually.



This word puzzle challenge is new and wonderful. It is available in 22 languages. Each of the words is a separate crossword puzzle inside inside an image. Can you get all of the words solved? One you solve one word, another letter is opens, until the entire puzzle is gradually revealed.

– The game is free
– The rules are simple
– There are more than 800 levels available
– There are hundreds of pictures and words
– It offers you a great way to expand your vocabulary
-You can find cheats at pixwords all answers.

No Limits

No limits

This game is completely the opposite of Prune. It is loud and big, and the most recent game from a long-running racing series. A number of titles have been pushed out by EA on Android. This most recent installment has you competing in races so that you can improve your car and reputation.

No Limits takes place within an urban setting. Quite frequently the races are short and sweet- with some taking less than one minute to finish- which makes them perfect for short sessions. The environment and cars look and feel are nailed by EA. The game is also very polished, but in-app purchases should be expected.



This game features zombies and is a free-to-play runner. The idea is completely unoriginal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy playing QuickBoy, especially since it is such a well-crafted game.

With QuickBoy, the territory will seem familiar. This side-scrolling auto-runner requires precise timing for jumping over obstacles and avoiding enemies. It has fantastic presentation. Everything takes place inside a post-apocalyptic tan-colored world. Everything is carefully considered, even the menus. You are rewarded for your well-timed jumps by a cool combo system. If you are finished with Fallout Shelter, then try out the apocalypse in QuickBoy until Fallout 4 comes out.

The 2015 Top Five Most Addictive Android Games

Today’s gamer is not excited by console-quality games that may be available on their mobile device. Today’s smartphones and tablets have enough power to handle even the most complex and intense gameplay and high-definition graphics available. Even with all the capacity, mobile gaming still consists of mostly simple games designed in the arcade-style. These games are not complicated, requiring the player to only make a few taps around the screen, but for some reason they are still pretty addictive.

No matter how dedicated a gamer, you will find yourself playing these games until your battery is drained.



Atomas is a popular puzzle game that incorporates a scientific twist. The gamer’s goal is to combine atoms to create valuable metals such as platinum, gold, and silver. While it may sound complex, the game is actually very easy to play. The trick is to combine atoms that all have the same numbers by creating symmetrical patterns which allow you to combine several different atoms at the same time.

Why Is Atomas So Addictive? Atomas is very similar to another game known as Threes. Atomas has no built in timers nor does it pressure the player to complete the game in a set amount of time. Instead, the motivation is to get the highest score possible. This is what keeps the player at the game – trying to beat themselves. Every time a player finishes the game and posts their score, they immediately want to beat that score.

Bing Bong

Bing Bong

Bing Bong is very similar to Frogger but has a much simpler set up. The player controls a small, single dot which is constantly moving back and forth weaving in and out of roving objects on the road. When the dot reaches one side of the road, the player earns a point. Slowing the movement of the dot is the only way to avoid the obstacles and make it to the side of the road. The dot cannot be moved sideways nor can it stop completely. This game is fun and moves very quickly.

Why Is It Addictive? The game allows no time for the player to stop and think. They are constantly trying to keep the dot from running into objects, so it is really about timing. The constantly moving dot creates situations where the player must make instantaneous decisions. This can often cause the player to make the wrong decision, and before the player knows it, the game is over.



PixWords™ is the new, challenging and engaging puzzle game from Black Maple Games.

The game is available in 22 languages and players must solve all the words in the crossword puzzle hidden in the images. Can the gamer solve all the words in the puzzle?

Once a gamer solves one word, they can then open another letter and will gradually unravel the entire puzzle.

Free Game has simple rules that are easy to follow.

The game has more than 800 levels with hundreds of pictures and words. You also can find hints for this game to help you passing the levels. You can find them in different languages like pixwords βοηθήσει

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

While Bing Bong may be the simplified version of Frogger, Crossy Road is a more advanced version. The gamer is trying to get as far as possible in the game without getting killed. The player must cross log-filled rivers, busy roads, railways, and many more types of obstacles. In Crossy Roads, players can move in a variety of directions, but if they do not make a quick move, they may be picked up off the road by an eagle.

Why is this game addictive? As the gamer plays Crossy Roads, they may be aware of how hard the game really is because it keeps them engaged and interested. When a player loses a life, they think they have made a mistake which can be corrected next time. This gets them playing again and again as they tell themselves they can beat that last score. Another addictive feature is unlockable characters – players want to collect them all and keep playing until they do.

Current Flow

Current Flow

In this game, players must create complete circuits to supply energy to various light bulbs. They create these circuits by tapping on tiles to manipulate conduit pipes. Once they have connected the right pipes to complete the circuit, the energy flows through the circuit and the bulb lights up. This game may remind players of Pipe Dream, except in Current Flow all the pipes are in place, the player must find the correct orientation.

Why Is It Addictive? This is one of those puzzle games that sucks in the player by starting them off on an easy level. Most gamers will move through the first five levels fairly easily, but as they reach higher levels, the difficulty increases. As the game progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for the player to beat a level in one attempt. This is how the game is addictive – the players keep trying to beat the level. “I can beat this” becomes their battle cry and before they know it, their afternoon is gone.

Evel Knievel – The Legend Is Still Alive

Evel Knievel is an enduring legend of extremism among American Pop culture. The tales of his fantastic exploits made great headlines. He made a very lucrative career out of taking crazy risks and marketing himself to just the right audience. Riding motorcycles flying over school buses provided Knieval unprecedented amounts of publicity. The legend continues now as Knievel’s exploits and crazy stunts are part of Barnstorm Games’ latest video game, Evel Knieval, available for $1.99.

Evel Knievel is a pretty straight forward motorcycle video game where the player undergoes various trials where they must control their speed and acceleration to successfully beat different hazard and jumps. The game was supposedly created in partnership with Knievel’s son, Kelly and includes many of the late daredevil’s most famous trick and stunts. The game seems to be a really badass stunt game that successfully plays tribute and acknowledges the contributions of the famous stunt devil and public icon. The game loses some of the effects with cartoonish visuals. Additionally the physics used during the Knievel stunts are reminiscent of a rag doll being tossed over a fence. There is also the comic addition of Knievel’s voice, seemingly coming straight from the heavens booming out phrases like “I did everything by the seat of my pants!” right before the player takes a jump.

Evel Knievel

The game is a frantic cross between a silly little bike video game and a tribute to a stunt icon. This is what makes is special, though. Of course, no player is going to really enjoy hearing trite phrases every time they make a jump or take on an obstacle. Or not cringe when they undershoot a jump and end up flying through the air and landing face-first in a bunch of flaming barrels. However, the entire game is put together in such a fun and interesting way that the player is almost guaranteed to get swept up in the moment and atmosphere of the game.


We do have to admit, though that the game is very solid and a great time. Anyone who has played the numerous motorcycle games available in the App store or through other online outlets knows these can range from incredibly challenging to downright foolish. Evel Knieval offers just the right balance of both, providing less challenging levels early on and bringing on increasingly harder tasks as the player reaches the later levels.

The player controls the play of the game by tapping on the left controller to brake and reverse and on the right to accelerate. When the player goes air bound, they can line up their landings by tapping the right side of the screen to lift the front wheels and the left side to lift the back. The player can manipulate these to pull off wheelies and flips, even if they are not really necessary. The game’s controls are very good, providing a realistic feel of riding the bike. Some players prefer the earlier levels where the ramps and bumps provide a satisfying realistic experience. These players believe this experience is better than flying over the complicated obstacles and hazards placed in the later levels.


The primary complaint among players is the difficulty during the later levels. The play can be really brutal when a player is hoping to gain the silver and gold medals on certain levels, both of which are necessary to buying new bikes and going further in the game. Winning those medals is a combination of skill and guesswork since most players have no idea which motorcycle is best for a given situation. The game does not list the stats for the bikes anywhere. Most players will simply use their latest, and hopefully the best bike they have to take these jumps, but it can be impossible to predict the right speed since the final ramp arrives offscreen so there is no way to track it.

There are not many real people who would make good extreme video game characters, but Evel Knievel is one of them. This game is a great tribute to this legendary stunt artist. It is a fun and engaging game despite one or two weird additions in the scenarios. Just like any good video game, there are frustrations and irritations as the player works their way through the levels. It can be extremely frustrating when the medal times start to run down and the player’s best bike keeps crashing or overshooting the jumps. Even with these minor irritations, this game includes strong physics, great controls and increasingly harder levels and is one of the best bike racing video games available in the App Store.

Everything You Need To Know About Video Games

You can hang out all night in the nude with your best friends and no one would ever know. You can be stuffing your face with Cheetos and not shower in over a week and people will still love you. It seems like an impossibility in life doesn’t it. However, I am talking about video games. The opportunity to play with your friends online whether they are across the street or half way around the world.

If you are thinking about buying a video game for the child or adult in your life, you want to take a minute and figure out what they like. Never grab a game off the shelf on a whim. That simply isn’t how gaming works. Every gamer has a particular type of interest they enjoy. You simply cannot give a shooter fan a copy of WWE 2K15 and hope for the best.

Video Games

I think we all realize that our children are playing video games at a younger and younger age. Before long they will be coming out of the womb with a controller in hand. If your preschooler is wanting to game, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. The games you choose should be educational, stimulating, and of course, fun for their age. Do not let the console become a babysitter. Take this opportunity to sit with your child and help them understand the various levels of the game. By choosing to sit with your child you are taking mindless entertainment and making it into a learning tool. In addition, you are creating special little parent – child moments.

When you are considering buying a video game, you have to understand that patience becomes a part of the game, Any big release is going to come with a hefty price tag on it, which will drop quickly over the nest few months. It is just the nature of the beast with gaming. If you can hold off on a certain game you will most like be rewarded with large savings. In fact, once the game has been out for a bit, a newer version will be released that will often include bonus content as well as most of the DLC that would have had to been purchased as a new release.

Don’t forget to play with your kids. Video games are fun and you just might surprise your kids with some awesome skills. While video games are mostly aimed at entertaining, you may be able to toss in some learning while playing along Studies have shown that video games do improve hand-eye coordination and with a little research you can find incredible games that tech as well.

If you are concerned about the games your child is playing, all you need is the title and an internet connection. Go online and search for the name of the game as well as parental rating and you will find out everything you need to know about the game. By doing this, you will know if there is any subject matter that may be too intense of graphic for your children.

We talked about waiting on buying games as they are released to save some money, but it also helps the developer work the bugs out. By waiting a month or two, it allows for a patch to be developed that will fix any of the major issues that came with the games release. This will give you much more enjoyable game play. Always take note of the studios that have a patch up and running as soon as possible and watch for their games.

It doesn’t take much for anyone to sit down and play a video game. However, it does take a certain level of skill to play them good. This article was designed to give you some of the best tips you need on your journey to becoming the ultimate gamer. As well as making sure you are watching out for the children in the house.